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These short, punchy posts will keep you on track and fueled while shedding light in your understanding of the framework of the word as well as keep you living by its power.

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Life-changing Booklets

Get Booklets that show you and help you tap into the power of the word. Get to understand the deeper mysteries that are otherwise overlooked and make your overall life flourish in every area.

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You are mind, spirit and body. Your spirit and mind need a vessel to function on earth. Health and wellness are vital. Get advice and be  empowered to keep your earthly vessel in an optimal state, elongating your youth, vitality and energy!

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What's Christian Perspective 101?

They say everyone has the  power to fashion the life of their dreams! Yet, few  seem to know how to tap into this ever so elusive power.


The result? Your "dream life" becomes far out of reach and we begin to live in a world of either impossibilities or deception.


That's where Christian perspective 101 comes in. To enable, inspire and empower and you to become the greatest version of yourself and to usher you into a dimension of zero impossibilities through Short, quick and punchy posts as well as topics and also booklets showing you the practicality and application of the word and how it can be used to tap into power, health, and wellness of your overall being. Life in abundance! Flourishing in Mind, body and Spirit.


The posts and booklets will enlighten your understanding of the word, Enhancing your perspective of it and widening the scope of your spiritual vision,  making you see the word as well as things differently which will give you clarity of direction and empower you to thrive.


In a world cluttered with all sorts of information, there are too many opinions and false solutions on everything nowadays. All we need is the ultimate truth. Begin living by the word. Try out its instructions. Let me show you how to unpack it's mysteries and I assure you, you will begin living in a dimension of true life and light. You will be surprised by your newness of being. You'll begin seeing things differently.

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