The Power of Kaizen

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Want the photo without the watermark or message ribbon? Want all the art related to this as well, you can find them all here. You can check the video here as well. Enjoy! 🙂 Time for some Christian Perspective. For those Avatar fans, most are familiar with Katara teaching Aang how to waterbend. That was […]

Stay there long enough

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God is in a domain of light. Revelation therefore comes by light. God can transfer information to you at a bandwidth and speed that supersedes trillions of Gigabytes of information per second. We in the domain of sound usually have to slow down to accommodate and understand the information coming in at light speed. Do […]

Overcoming Guilt

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Messing up big time can result to a devastating feeling of cataclysmic proportions. Simba ran into exile. Peter went back to fishing. Judas hanged himself. Falling out of your walk of faith especially as a mature Christian is a feeling far beyond bliss. But there’s hope. Isaiah 43:25: “I—yes, I alone—will blot out your sins […]

Purpose before method

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I recently wanted to let the good news about this website through social media alone before it later hit me that I could be setting myself up for limits after I found out about the site  maxvisits which has helped lots of websites be discovered. God reminded me that He looks at the purpose he intends to […]