Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why use Various Sources in addition to the word?

The various sources used for content e.g. film sources can not only be used as a helpful review to the film, but also help you condition your mind to be attuned to capture the moment and perceive from the Spirit. Lots of things can pass us by where we would have otherwise attained lots of life transforming perceptions and by sharing with you how I see it as revealed by the Spirit, it can help condition you to see things in the same way or even better and empower you.

Why use Photos, film, sport, art and life experiences?

Things to do with photos, film, sport and art usually the things I'm interested in and involved in with respect to my hobbies and gifts and therefore in a better position to share empowering Spiritual revelation from them. There is no more authentic and better way to share from than in what you actually live out and experience.

Do you resell Film?

No. The photos taken of any films are only used to share what was has been revealed from a Christian Perspective and occasionally some helpful reviews.


Do you have Social media accounts?

Yes! You can find Christian Perspective 101 content on Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, google+ and tumblr and pinterest. You can also feel free to share the content through your various social media.


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