Purpose before method

I recently wanted to let the good news about this website through social media alone before it later hit me that I could be setting myself up for limits after I found out about the site  maxvisits which has helped lots of websites be discovered.

God reminded me that He looks at the purpose he intends to accomplish first, then uses the method he deems fit. We at times put in too much emphasis on the method. God may want you to go across the water and you may spend too much unnecessary effort constructing a boat when He could have parted the red sea for you. On the other hand, you may be trying to part the red sea while He wanted to teach you to swim or better yet, walk on water. Don’t limit God’s entry, waiting for Him through a specific door. He may be coming through the wall.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (NLT)’

Plans are specific steps toward goals. You cannot know what steps and method to take if you do not consult your creator. Consult Him, be sensitive to His voice(by consistently engaging with the word), and follow His leading.

John 10:27: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” (KJV)

Purpose before method.




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