The Ripple effect of building the spirit

Deadlifts are a great workout. They strengthen your hamstrings, glutes and back muscles as well. If you want to develop your top-end speed or leg and core-strength, deadlifts should definitely be in your workout menu. In fact, you may not need sit-ups at all to develop a strong core. Workouts such as lunges and dead-lifts done with consistency can surprise you with results showing in your core as they require a great deal of core-strength to keep you stable through the workout. There are more ways than one to develop those abs. That I can testify! 🙂

So at the moment In that photo, I was deadlifting 120kg. But with consistency, at the time of writing this post, about 2 weeks later, I was up to 130kg as I was preparing for the commonwealth games. Of course I hadn’t started at 120. I started way below. I’m Just talking of 120 because that’s what you see in the picture. You can do the same and improve in anything. But it requires diligence and consistency

Results were definitely showing in the body. But I had begun building something up before the body. That is the spirit. Starting from a point of  the spirit is a more than a thousand times profitable than starting from the body.

1 Timothy 4:8: “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.” (KJV)

The gains of beauty(especially for the ladies in this case) or vitality that come from physical workout or physical beautification(for ladies) only affect the body. The gains that come from spiritual workout affect everything! Body included. That is the ripple effect.

You only have the capacity to operate effectively in anything when you develop a fighting spirit for it. There is nothing that develops a fighting spirit more than the word of God. That is how you develop godliness. Your fighting spirit is directly proportional to the word you host.

Put as much strength in your Bible as you put in your squats, deadlifts, beautification or any other thing in life, and you will not only be able to deadlift more, but do more than you can imagine in all areas of your life in general.

Deadlift those verses. Build your spirit.

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