Valentine Special(Part 3) – Is he/she the one?

In part 1, we earlier got to look at the question on of God’s permissive will regarding a partner. In part 2, we looked at what happens to those of those who fall under the permissive will. As we continue with series of the valentine special for the valentines week, we get to look at the final aspect. The perfect will of God. Is there someone who matches and fits you like a glove? Is there a perfect-match? A soulmate? Can God bring these two together? Let’s move on. I would still insist that we keep the first 3 things in mind that we had earlier discussed in part 1 as we move together.

So as we had seen, God does not predestine your partner. But being omniscient, he knows whom you will chose. However, in a way, He can predestine your partner. Hold that thought as we continue. Remember to also hold onto the point that we cannot limit God’s operations to a box. Remember His sovereignty and that He can do anything.

Out of the billions of people in this world, none is exactly alike. Not even twins as we had seen. So it makes sense that out of those billions of people, there must be one that is the most compatible and the closest match to you. Suppose we have 5 people in a room. Person A, Person B, Person C, person D and person E and A is 30% compatible to you, B is 70% compatible, C is 98.1%, D is 98.4%, and E is 98.7%. E will definitely be your suitable match and it was no accident because God designed them that way.

Even if you are a believer and decide to fix your gaze among believers only. Among the believers, not all have equal compatibility to you. There is one who suits you best. One who fits you like a glove! That one is God’s best for you. Of course you can still go for choice D and there would be no crazy consequences as for those who get into God’s permissive will, you will still be in God’s perfect will since believer + believer is what God advocates for, but going for E would make your life Heaven on earth. For purposes of diction, I will call it God’s super-perfect will. His ultimate best!

It is what He truly intended. A perfect match made in Heaven and when you choose it, you can in a way say that you two were predestined. Reason being that God knew before time that you would be willing to choose his path and therefore with delight, prepared the path for you in advance. A path in alignment to His word. Just like Adam, there is someone completely tailored for you!

Genesis 2:18: “Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” (NLT)

He delights in giving the best for his children. Remember to think in a non-linear fashion outside the box of time. Remember also one of the 3 earlier points that God cannot be fit in a box as to how he operates. So This is where the yes answer comes in as to can there be a soulmate or not. But it mainly fits those who are living according to his purpose as Adam and Eve were before the fall. He promotes the unions in that context. Believer + believer. Believer + non-believer, he does not advocate for. Moreover, non-believer + non believer threw God out of the equation so to speak and we should also remember the point that he does not interfere with free will.

So there’s a perfect one out there for us. Our soulmate exists. How amazing is that!!!! 🙂 But let’s face it. There are more than a billion people in this planet! Where do we even begin to search? That’s harder to find than a needle in a haystack!!! Is there any hope at all? Or do we just give up and go settle for less? Find out more in the post-valentine special!

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